Ammonium Bisulphite Solution Catalyst (65%)
Appearance Clear, Yellow coloured solution free from foreign particles.
Formula (NH4)HSO3
Molecular weight 99
Ammonium Bisulphite (NH4)2SO3 percentage by mass 65% Min
Specific Gravity 1.337 to 1.390
pH 4-5 pH ± 0.5 pH
Nickle 20 ppm

Available in 60%, 65%, 70%

Specification is customizable as per customer's requirements.

Standard Packing

250 Kg. Net HDPE Drum.
1000 L IBC Tank
5000 L Tanker
18000 L ISO Tank

Remarks: Ammonium Bisulphite Solution Catalyst (65%) has been manufactured and tested as per the quality system led by shakti chemicals

Storage Conditions
  • Store in cool and dry places
  • Keep away from sunlight and heat sources
  • Avoid storage on open area or under direct sun light
  • Protect against physical damage by handling vehicles like forklift or manual handling, so as to prevent damage to bags or drums or bulk containers


We manufacturer a wide range of Ammonium bisulphite. We have both catalyzed and non-catalyzed ABS and purity ranging from 37% to 70%.
Ammonium bi sulphite solution is widely used in oil fields. In upstream oil field industry it is being used as an oxygen scavenger or corrosion inhibitor. It is also used on photography industry along with caramel colour manufacturing. The Ammonium Bisulphite Solution Catalyst (65%) we manufacture is stabled for maximum shelf life and to withstand minimum temperature provided material to be stored under proper storage condition.

  • Oilfield Chemicals
  • To produce photography chemicals
  • X-Ray Fixer and developer chemicals
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • To produce caramel colour
  • Industrial Chemicals