Potassium Thiosulphite Solution
Potassium (K) 19 to 25%
Sulphur (S) 16 to 17%
Specific Gravity 1.445 to 1.475
pH 6.5 to 9.5 pH
Potassium Thiosulphate 45 to 50% W/W

Clear & colourless solution. KTS contains between 19 to 21 % potash & 16 to 17 % sulphur as per requirement of client.

Standard Packing

250 Kg. Net HDPE Drum.
1000 L IBC Tank
5000 L Tanker
18000 L ISO Tank

Remarks: This product has been manufactured and tested as per the quality system led by shakti chemicals

Storage Conditions
  • Store in cool and dry places
  • Keep away from sunlight and heat sources
  • Avoid storage on open area or under direct sun light
  • Protect against physical damage by handling vehicles like forklift or manual handling, so as to prevent damage to bags or drums or bulk containers


Agro Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals